Hi, my name is Clayton Rizor and I have been tattooing professionally for 27 years. As a teenager, I was interested in tattooing but got serious and legit while living in Seattle Washington in the mid 1990's. My first 6 years of tattooing took place at Mind's Eye Tattoo under the mentorship of Gary Burke. I painted his picture on the wall in my new shop to pay tribute to the man who taught me this amazing art form.

In 2001, I moved to Minnesota and fell in love with the midwest and I have been enjoying it ever since. My favorite type of tattoo art includes custom, psychedelic, cover ups, color bombs, portraits, caricatures, pets, wildlife, zombies, hippy shit, or movie themes. Together we will create a custom, one of a kind tattoo, better than you can imagine. I do not enjoy tattooing paragraphs or lots of words. They are not artistic enough, nor do they age well.

Come visit my new shop on open house days, (more information to come). For an online consultation or to schedule an appointment, email claytonrizor@gmail.com.