What is 'microshading' and how is it different from tattooing?

Microshading is a form of 'shallow tattooing'.   Microshading is usually done with one needle, very lightly depositing pigment into the upper layers of the skin.    Tattooing goes deeper into the layers of skin and  generally uses larger needle groupings.

What is the difference between microshading and microblading?

Microshading technique makes a series of dots using one needle to create the illusion of shadow and hair.  A microshading machine looks similar to a fat crayola marker.  

 Microblading cuts open the skin to deposit pigment, (cutting hair strokes into your skin).   Repeated microblading sessions may result in  scar tissue.  I do NOT offer microblading services. 

How long does microshading last?  Do I need touch-ups?

Microshading application will last about 18-24 months.  As time goes on your microshading will fade.   You can choose to get touch-ups yearly if you would like to keep the perfect brow shape.

Does it hurt?

A bit...but a topical numbing gel is used that greatly aids with any discomfort you may experience. 

How will I know what my brows will look like?

Call 218-851-3722 or send an email to claytonrizor@gmail.com for a FREE consultation.  During your consultation, we will collaborate to find a brow shape that complements your bone structure and follows your natural brow line.  There is no pressure or commitment...I can draw brows using an eyeliner pencil to portray what your brows could look like.

Will I end up with big bushy, dark brows?

No, not unless you want big, dark brows!  I strive to accentuate the brow shading and adding hair strokes to give a natural beautiful looking brow that fits your face and bone structure.  I also collaborate with clients to find the perfect brow color instead of one color fits all mentality.