Q & A

How do I get an appointment with Clayton?

Email: Claytonrizor@gmail.com.  to discuss your tattoo design ideas and to make an appointment.

What information should I provide about my tattoo?

Clayton will want to know the subject matter and the style of your design, (traditional, cartoonish,  tribal, watercolor, simplistic,  etc.), an approximate size and where on your body you are wanting your tattoo.  Are you wanting a colored piece or black/grey? Once Clayton knows what you are wanting then he can give you some date options for an appointment.

What if I need more than 1 session, how long do I need to wait in between sessions?

At least 6 weeks. This gives your skin/body time to completely heal before Clayton stretches it again.  

Does Clayton do portraits or custom art pieces?

Yes!  Check out his portfolio!

What if I need a cover-up?

Send a picture of the tattoo you want covered up along with your email of your new tattoo design idea.  

What if I need a touch-up?

Clayton will touch up any tattoo he did, (if needed), free of charge.  Wait at least 6 weeks before making a touch up appointment. 

How much does Clayton charge?

That varies depending on the size, detail, and time it takes to complete your design.  Email Clayton with tattoo design information and he will give you an estimated price and time it will take to complete your tattoo. 

Does Clayton take cash or credit cards?

Yes and yes, both are accepted!

Can I bring a friend?